We have created a awesome theme
Far far away,behind the word mountains, far from the countries


CEO Greetings

World Best Hiroaki golf!
Making a new history with total distance

Development of intimidatingdrive that flies 20M more
We have developed and launched “The Ganda” using the last new material of the 20th century DAT55 to fully implement the hitting sound, direction, and total distance to an unprecedented level and allow everyone toeasily use it.
We used the new material DAT55 to process the shape of bell flower with super precision laser for explosive total distance, a great sense of hitting, and slip prevention in rainy weather and pursued beauty.
the advent of a new golf culture
The Hiroaki "The Ganda" driverwas designed to appeal to female and senior customers,
who pursue total distance with a charismatic and fancy design that represents their dignity and reputation by adding a sense of elegancy and prestige.